1. Within this document, the term ‘SMS’ means Scott Marine Services. The term ‘Willow’ refers to the name of the current British Waterways (Scotland) licensed Hotel narrowboat used by SMS to provide the charter services described in this website. The term 'client' refers to the customers of SMS, booking a training or general cruising charter with SMS.
  2. A booking for any Cruise or Training Course only becomes confirmed on receipt of the relevant booking deposit. On receipt of the booking form/deposit the customer will be sent confirmation of the booking and receipt of the deposit. 
  3. Conditions 4 and 5 herein do not apply to Skippered Day Cruises or 'Weekender' cruises. In the case of Skippered Day Cruises or 'Weekender' cruises, the balance of the payable tariff must be paid prior to the start of the booked cruise, with the proceeds of any payments bank cleared prior to the date of the cruise. Any deposit payments made are non returnable in the case of cancellation by the client, unless SMS agree to reschedule the cruise to a mutually convenient, time date and location. In the event of cancellation by SMS, refunds will be made in accordance with the provisions of Condition 6 herein.
  4. The balance payable for a training course or cruise becomes due for payment on or before 10 weeks prior to the date of commencement of the training or cruise. If the Training Course or Cruise is due to start in less than 10 weeks from the date of confirmed booking, the whole of the tariff becomes payable at the time of confirmed booking. Credit facilities are not otherwise available.
  5. Cancellation by client: The client agrees that once a booking has been confirmed, by receipt of initial payment, a contract has been made between SMS and the client, and the full agreed tariff is payable by the client even if the cruise is subsequently cancelled by the client. SMS therefore strongly recommend the use of holiday insurance. Any payments already received by SMS are returnable only at the sole discretion of SMS. Where 10 weeks or more notice of cancellation by the client is provided, SMS will endeavour to reschedule the cruise or course for a mutually convenient time, date & location, and any payments already received by SMS will be reassigned to the rescheduled cruise or course as appropriate. If a client has cancelled and rescheduling has not been mutually agreed, SMS will only make relevant refund if the original cruise dates have been fully taken up by another party.
  6. Cancellation by SMS: SMS will not be liable should navigation of “Willow” be impossible over the previously scheduled route due to a canal ‘stoppage’, or in the circumstances detailed in condition 8 herein. All efforts will, however, be made to re-route the cruise or training course in a suitable manner.  Should the cruise be cancelled by SMS before the scheduled start date, and the cruise cannot be rescheduled by mutual agreement, the liability of SMS will be restricted to refund of any monies already paid to SMS in respect of that particular cruise. Should a cancellation by SMS be necessary part way through a training course or cruise which has already started, any refund made will be on an appropriate pro-rata basis. If a cruise is terminated under the provisions of 'Conditions 14 or 17' herein (misconduct etc), no cancellation refund will be made. 
  7. Whilst SMS will endeavour to conduct the cruise or training course at the locations agreed at the time of confirmed booking, SMS hold the right to vary that location should that be necessary and unavoidable. Rescheduling of the cruise or training course to another date will be an acceptable option only provided that this can be mutually agreed.
  8. SMS reserve the right to temporarily suspend the navigation of Willow, if it is in the interests of Health, Safety, or avoidance of likely damage to Willow or other property (eg in the case of extreme high winds, or damage to other vessels caused by breaking ice during navigation). In the case of Skippered Day Cruises, where there is a need to suspend the navigation under this paragraph, SMS may postpone the cruise to a mutually agreed future date.
  9. Any client who is a vegetarian, or has any dietary intolerance, or requires a diet consisting of foods not normally available from traditional grocers, butchers, greengrocers, fishmongers, must discuss their dietary requirements with SMS, BEFORE confirming a booking for any charter.  SMS reserve the right to refuse any booking for a charter on the grounds of potential catering problems associated with such dietary intolerances or provisioning availability.  SMS are not prepared to cater for vegan diets.
  10. Public Health Legislation passed in recent years prohibits Smoking aboard “Willow”. Alcoholic drinks purchased elsewhere may not be consumed aboard ‘Willow’ (there is a small bar facility on board Willow).
  11. SMS undertakes to take all reasonable care with regard to its clients’ and customers’ safety, property or vehicle(s), but accepts no further liability whatsoever for loss or damage to any such property belonging to, or injury to, it’s clients which may occur during the period of a cruise or training course.
  12. For the purposes of the safety, all clients undertake to obey the safety instructions and advice provided by the crew of ‘Willow’ during a cruise. In particular this relates to safety procedures at locks, embarkation and disembarkation, and in respect of remaining safely within the curtilage of the vessel whilst passing hazards such as bridges and lock chambers.
  13. It is not common practice for adult passengers, being carried on commercial passenger vessels, to wear personal buoyancy aids or life jackets. Such buoyancy aids or life jackets are not, therefore, provided by SMS. Customers and clients will be responsible for the provision of their own personal buoyancy aids opr life jackets, should they wish to wear them. “Willow” is, however, equipped with the appropriate Passenger Vessel Lifebuoys as approved by the 'Maritime & Coastguard Agency'.
  14. For the purposes of safety and avoiding damage to third party property, those engaged in training by SMS (as opposed to ordinary hotel boat passengers) undertake to obey the instructions from, and safety advice provided by the SMS instructor. In the event of serious misconduct during training SMS may terminate the training course forthwith without refund. SMS may also terminate a course, forthwith and without refund, if a trainee is found to be apparently under the influence of drink or drugs. 
  15. Willow has a traditionally designed steering position and side decks.  Those clients who have specifically agreed to undertake training in traditional narrowboating skills on board Willow are required to accept that such training in traditional skills (on a traditionally designed vessel such as Willow) is an activity which cannot avoid all risk of accident. 
  16. We do not accommodate children or guest's pets.
  17. Paying passengers on "Willow" undertake to respect the equipment and infrastructure of the vessel, in accordance with the instructions and advice given by SMS. Similarly, for the duration of their cruise, passengers agree to conduct themselves in a reasonable and lawful manner. In the event of serious misconduct under this paragraph, SMS reserve the right to terminate the cruise forthwith and without refund.
  18. SMS reserve the right to refuse to accept an offer of a booking or charter without further explanation.
  19. Clients agree to make all reasonable enquiry with SMS as to the suitability of Willow's accommodation in respect of their personal physical stature and mobility. It is further agreed that any potential issues or enquiry in this respect will be declared to SMS before any booking moves to confirmed status, as described in Condition 2 above. If it appears to SMS that Willow's accommodation may not be suitable for a particular client's physical stature or mobility, SMS may refuse to accept the booking.
  20. Sorry - SMS cannot provide facilities for disabled passengers on board “Willow”, although we will endeavour to assist by sourcing a suitable alternative vessel.