This page explains how to make initial contact with us - please be assured there will be no 'hard sell'.

Probably the best initial contact is by email. In an effort to prevent our email address being used by unscrupulous 'spammers', our email address is only listed on this website in an encrypted form. If 'Java' is enabled on your browser, you should be able to see an obvious link here ...  - If the link is visible to you, clicking on it should automatically open an email message form using your machine's normal email software (eg. 'MS Outlook', 'Thunderbird' etc - but do give your email programme time to load).

If that link isn't visible (or if you just use a web based email, such as hotmail) you will need to manually enter our email address.  It can be identified (by the human eye) within the following graphic - sorry for any inconvenience this might cause (but we do despise spam and spammers).

UK Telephone: 07702 xxx (+447702xxx from overseas)

Business Mooring Address: Berth 10, Falkirk Wheel Basin, Falkirk, FK1 4RS