About Willow:

This page is really just an abridged version of the page on our earlier commercial site, edited to bring it up to date.....

Willow is a 'Stowe Hill' built narrowboat powered by a Perkins D3 diesel engine fitted in its own traditional engine room. We, the crew, are accommodated traditionally in the aft 'boatman's cabin'. A combination of the 'Stowe Hill' quality hull; 21" prop; and the raw power of the Perkins D3, make Willow handle like a dream, despite her size.

Willow is 'a proper narrowboat’. Deeper draughted than most modern narrowboats, she currently displaces just over 25 tonnes - And, No, we don't have (or need) bow thrusters.

Over the years, Willow has been totally refitted specifically to suit 'private charter' hotel boating. She has a wholly separate guest suite, including en-suite wash/shower room and toilet; four poster style double bed, dinette and attractive split level lounge area. Since retiring we have taken out the bench seating set up in the lounge (as shown in the photo below). It has been replaced with much more comfortable reclining armchairs. We'll need to get the photos updated.

Now, when accommodating club members, the lounge and bowcabin areas will be classed as 'communal' during the day and when socialising in the evenings. However, come bed time these areas will be for members' use only, as Irene and I will still have our own 'crew quarters' aft. The en-suite area, forward of the galley, will also be for members use only (day and night) as Irene and I have our own facilities aft. The galley will still be Irene's exclusive domain. I've learned that's the best peaceful option.

So here's some photos to remind you of Willow's interior.....

The Bow Cabin:

The Lounge:

(Nb.. An old photo. The bench/sofa has been replaced with comfortable reclining/swivel armchairs)

Bedroom & En-Siuite: