Available Dates:

We expect to be on Willow cruising the canals between May and September. Each club cruise can be for a maximum of 7 full days.

For us, the best booking method will be for members just to contact us with either a suggested week during the above broad period (to see if we are available for that particular week); or, alternatively, just contact us to ask when you can come (we are now quite informal). The chosen week can be any period of 7 days - the 7 days can start/end on any day of the week.

Once we have talked about when we are available, we can then discuss the broad plan for the cruise - and discuss pick up and off points to suit your mode of travel to Willow.

Once all of that is discussed and agreed we will then close that agreed week to other members - ie the agreed slot, will be yours. We're not going to ask for any deposits and you can pay the agreed fee when you arrive with us. We will also chat with you as to anything in particular you would like to do on the cruise, discuss food and drink, etc.

Choice of available weeks are very much on the basis of 'first come first served'. But once you've booked your slot it is safe.

I suppose it does need to be said that we cannot be held liable if, for some reason beyond our reasonable control, we cannot fulfill a particular cruise (eg Canal stoppages, serious illness, etc). However, please be assured of our good intentions in these matters - ready open communication in all such matters, by all parties, should be the governing principle.