Members Entry Page

So, in retirement, Irene and I wanted to continue cruising with Willow, but without the strictures of hotel boat scheduling. Most of that will be done in the months of May through to August - but nothing about retirement should be 'cast in stone'.

We still want to cruise but with the emphasis on relaxed cruising. If the weather and inclination suits we want to be able to stop and have a barbecue - or not - or perhaps just sit in the shade with a glass of red wine. Actually that's just the normal cruising regime of privately owned boats.

Over the years hotelboating we've been hosts to literally hundreds of guests, many we've been happily relaxed with - and admittedly a few we've found 'hard work'.

So to keep boredom at bay, and to keep us cruising, and to help maintain Willow we are to operate a non-profit Cruising Club.

For those of you just wanting to keep in contact and keep track of what we're up to on the canals, browse the menu headings to keep up to date with our 'activities'. For those wanting to keep cruising, our cruise club may be of interest - read on....

The Concept of the Cruise Club:
The upshot of this is that 'members' cruise for a week at a fraction of the cost of owning their own narrowboat (and far, far, cheaper than the cost of a weeks hotel boat cruise). Irene and I are now pensioners (sounds old), so don't need/want to make a profit - but are glad to have a plan to share the actual annual costs of keeping Willow on the water. It also keeps us active and sociable - and boating for fun.

We go into all of this in more detail here.