The Cruise Club:

To expand on the main concept of the Cruise Club:

We do not expect the 'agreed proportion of the annual cost' to exceed 500 for the weeks cruise, whether the club member is a single person or a couple. Indeed we have agreed between ourselves that if the shared cost should result in the proportion being more than 500 we will just absorb the difference ourselves.

The Main Basic Current Costs:
So that produces an annual cost of around .... 3000

So if we have 6 club members participating each season our 'guessed' shared fee of 500 will be exactly right. If we have less than 6, we will stand by capping the fee to 500 so.... 'Oh well never mind we enjoy the cruising anyway'.

If we have more than 6 club members participating in the particular cruising season we will, at the end of that season, calculate a bonus for each of the members actually participating in that particular season. However, that calculated bonus will only be deducted from the costs of any future cruise taken by that member.

There is no obligation for any member to have a cruise in any particular year of membership. The main cruise fee will only become payable on your arrival at the start of the relevant cruise. Membership of the club is not transferable so only those who have been invited as members of the cruise club may participate in any cruise.

Cruise availability is offered on a 'first come first served' basis, in any one season.

Additional Cruise Costs:
On top of the 500 basic cruise cost described above we will ask members to pay a fair proportion of the fuel and food costs etc actually paid out for their particular cruise. These amounts will be relatively small and at cost. The actual amounts can't be listed precisely because every member (and their cruise) will be different.  If we cruise seven days at 8 hours a day, the diesel costs will obviously be more than on a cruise with only a few hours per day. Same principle applies with food costs - we have hearty eaters and those who take very little. The amounts charged will only be 'at cost'.

The Legal Bit - How to become a Cruise Club Member:
The basic annual costs described above are calculated on the basis of Willow not being operated as a commercial venture. We are non-profit based after all. Canal & River Trust (the navigation authority) permit shared ownership boats to operate non-comercially - so we must comply with that principle of 'shared ownership'.

So to make this legal we will ask each cruise club member to buy a 1 (peppercorn) share in Willow. This 1 share will legally make you a temporary part owner of Willow during the period of your membership. Don't, however, get too excited as you will agree that the value of your share will never exceed the value of 1 (no matter what the actual value of Willow is). Indeed you can cancel your membership at any time and you will be refunded your paid share (less a 1 admin fee). We as principal owners of Willow have the right to cancel your share on refund of the 1 fee (less a 1 admin fee). It is further agreed that any liability you may have in relation to Willow will not exceed the value of your 1 share.

We will collect the relevant 1 share fee from you on your arrival for your first cruise.