Once your booking becomes confirmed we send out a short questionnaire to find out about your dietary 'likes and dislikes'. This helps us to prepare menus which are tailored to your own individual preferences. That's all part of the 'private charter' service.
So if you particularly like something (eg salmon, roast dinners, porridge for breakfast, or whatever) we would hope to see you include that in the answers to the questionnaire. Similarly, if you don't like certain foods (eg sea food, sprouts, liver, or perhaps even tripe), we hope you would tell us about that too - so that we can avoid such dislikes being part of the menu (we probably wouldn't include tripe anyway).

We are not expecting you to make up a definitive list of the food you will be served, but it does help us tailor your menus to suit your likes and dislikes. It also helps us to get the right foods into stock to suit you. We pride ourselves in the provision of good old fashioned, quality, home cooking, without the need to resort to convenience, or processed, foods.

If you, or a companion guest, have a particular need to have a special diet (eg strict vegetarian, gluton or dairy free) please be sure to discuss this with us before the stage when a booking deposit is paid. Willow's galley and food storage facilities (limited in size compared with land based establishments) are too small to satisfactorily cater for dual menus.

We are making an important point here.... If potential guests feel that they require a special diet, whilst on 'Willow', because of any dietary intolerance, or requiring meal ingredients not normally available from a traditional grocers, butchers, greengrocers, or fishmongers, they must discuss their dietary requirements with us, before confirming a booking for any charter.

Please do discuss the issues with us. For example, there have been guests who accept the inclusion of dairy produce within cooking recipes but prefer soya milk on breakfast cereals - That's not a problem. But not to be able to use milk in making sauces would be problematical.

We have found that perceptions of vegetarianism vary very widely amoungst guests. Some may just have a preference for vegetarian dishes, but will nevertheless eat and enjoy a limited number of white meat dishes such as chicken (no problem there). Similarly, some may have a general vegetarian diet for health reasons, but enjoy meat dishes whilst on holiday. Some eat eggs and/or fish, some don't. So please discuss your vegetarian issues with us prior to making your booking.

We are not prepared to cater for Vegan diets.